A Study on Cyber Forensic Science To Diagnose Digital Crimes

Authors: Upasana Borah and Mukesh Chopra, Students, N.E.F Law College, Guwahati, Assam, India



Crimes in this virtual global are of differing types and the only amongst is Cyber-crime. As the whole thing is digitized, there may be speedy growth in the use of the internet and on the identical time, an extra-wide variety of cyber-crimes occurs that raised via way of means of the attackers. Some of the cyber-assaults are hacking, banking frauds and e-mail spamming. In order to look at those fraudulent activities, the research agencies (enforcement law) should employ generation that is a critical part. Digital forensic research is a department of cyber forensics wherein clinical techniques and equipment are used, that permits the prevention and evaluation of virtual evidence, that to be produced in a courtroom docket of law. This paper explores the targeted rationalization of present virtual forensics equipment and it makes use of which assists to probe the evidence.

Keywords: Digital Forensics, Cyber Attacks, Cyber-Forensics, Forensic Science, Forensic Tools


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A Study on Cyber Forensic Science to Dia
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