Caste Discrimination in Agricultural Credit

Author: Vaishnav Arun Kumar, Student, OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat, Haryana, India



When a person needs money to be credited, they move their attention to institutions such as banks for loans. To specify people who are involved in the agribusiness, there are industries which include certain facilities which are being kept for agricultural business where the business area involving agricultural activities such as farming and other activities such as steps which are needed for procession and distribution. To aid them in completing the entire process they borrow from institutions such as NABARD (national bank for agricultural and rural development) and other institutions linked to it and there are times where they resort to local loan lenders with very high interest rates. However, there are multiple barriers and difficulties faced by the farmers and the sub section that is focused here is the discrimination shown by these institutions due to the caste system. If a man is of a lower caste, the probability of him getting credit compared to a man of a higher caste is low. These illogical standards and criteria still prevail in rural India where such farmers try to earn to make a suitable lifestyle but such obstacles are to be faced by them which leads to an inequivalent distribution of income amongst the farmers. This article proves that such discrimination exists by providing the respective numbers and information which shows the hierarchical distribution of the money lenders who still uses ancient and illogical caste criteria to provide Agricultural credit for the farmers in rural areas who are in need of financial assistance.

Keywords: Agricultural Credit, Caste System, Financial Institutions


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