Covid-19 and the United Nations

Author: Pulkit Taneja, Student, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India



International Structures are incredibly frail that a virus which spread in one region of a country has forced the world into submission. While some leaders are accusing the country of its origin, others are working towards accommodating a large number of patients within their countries. It is a challenging situation for the international community, especially when a country as influential as China is being closed in. China, which is the unambiguous superpower of Asia and maybe the world, could it be held liable for this pandemic? International Institutions like the United Nations are ready with throwing everything they got on the wall, waiting for anything that sticks. The International Court of Justice, The International Criminal Court, The United Nations Security Council, The United Nations General Assembly and The United Nations Human Rights Council are ready with their piece of the pie. It is also challenging for these institutions to hold China responsible because pandemic and epidemics have been a part of human history and never before has any country being accused of instigating one. There is no precedence whatsoever to hold China accountable; however, many provisions of International Law which most jurists around the world are quoting suggest otherwise. The following research also refers to a few of the many overdue reforms to the UN, which do not seem impossible now after this crisis.

Keywords: Covid-19, United Nations, International Tribunals, UNSC, Human Rights Council, WHO.


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Covid-19 and the United Nations
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