Cyber Crimes Against Women In Delhi

Author: Dr.Sulakshana Banerjee Mukherjee, Ph.D, LL.M(Gold Medalist), LL.B (Gold Medalist), Assistant Professor of Law, Ansal University, Gurugram, India


Information technology has extended in such an ambit over the last two decades that it has become essential to put a stop in its limitless extension. It has become the affiliation of today’s global and technical expansion. The world of internet offers every user all the essential information from all over the world. The firmest and fastest communication and the enormous contribution of the device, making it the most appreciated foundation of information. With an abundant advancement of internet, the crime has also widened its origins in all directions. The cyber-crimes pretence a great hazard to individuals. Cyber-crime is a global sensation and women are the soft targets of this new form of crime. This Research Paper is prepared to pinpoint the Cyber-crimes and the online security susceptibilities against women. Cyber-crime is developing as an encounter for national and economic evacuation.

Keywords: Cyber Crime, Women, Information Technology.

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Cyber Crimes Against Women In Delhi
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