Cyber Security in the Era of Digitalisation

Authors: Prateek Tanmay and Divya Shree, Students, South Calcutta Law College, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India


ABSTRACT We are witnessing the rise of the era of digitalization, but the rise is not that ideal as we all are imagining. We are ignoring the fact that digitalization also indicates a responsibility which cannot be disdained. Cyber Security and digitalization are opposite sides of the same coin. Digitalization cannot go alone without Cyber Security and without Cyber Security, digitalization is a myth. This paper attempts to explore the aspects of ‘Cyber Security in the era of digitalization’ by explaining the laws related to data privacy and cyber-crimes and the status of present laws (both: India and globally). This argument will be further substantiated with a discussion of the research topic after the detailed introduction under Section I. Accordingly, section II of this paper will examine the logic behind the ‘importance of cyber-security’ and discuss its need. Section III of the paper will follow with the discussion of the ‘Elements of Cyber Security’ in detail. Afterward, this paper, in section IV will analyse the argument ‘digitalization as a threat to privacy’. Furthermore, section V of the paper shall discuss the legal perspective of the topic by discussing statutes and judicial pronunciations. Coming down to Section VI, this section will do the global analysis of digitalization as a threat to Cyber Security. After examining the ‘challenges' in section VII, this paper, in section VIII will conclude the suggestive measures for the challenges. Finally, this paper, in Section IX closes with the conclusion and the major points covered herein and leaves the reader with a sound takeaway message derived from the work of authors.

Keywords: Cyber-Security, Digitalisation, Data Privacy, Data Protection, Right to Privacy.


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Cyber Security in the Era of Digitalisat
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