Depeasantization as a Social Process: A Critical Appraisal

Author: Dr. Mohd Anzar warr, Department of Sociology, School of Social Sciences University of Kashmir, Hazratbal Srinagar, J&K, India



Depeasantization refers to the erosion of peasant practices and the substitution of market rationality in agriculture. Thus, depeasantization is seen as a specific form of Deagrarinization in which peasants lose their economic capacity, social coherence and demographically shrink in size. Over the past several decades, in Kashmir peasants are facing a lot of challenges as a result of depeasantization, they are pushed out from the agricultural sector due to urbanization, migration, decreasing productivity, lack of marketing facilities, lack of irrigation facilities and low or no subsidy provided by the government, high inputs and low outputs etc. One of the main consequences of depeasantization has been that the peasants who find it increasingly hard to sustain on farming and are pushed out from the agricultural sector. In this context, the present study has been prepared in order to know the various facets of the process of depeasantization by means of two theoretical orientations: the disappearance thesis and the permanence thesis. This study will also analyze epeasantization process in the light of development projects which is shaping and changing the world in present era. Based on secondary sources of data and other relevant sources wherever necessary the paper attempts to identify the reasons responsible for depeasantization in Kashmir, it also intends to examine the magnitude of depeasantization in Kashmir and critically examine the process of depeasantization in Kashmir. The author found that there has been a significant impact on these variables.

Keywords: Depeasantization, reasons, magnitude, critical appraisal, Kashmir


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Depeasantization as a Social Process
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