Domestic Violence in the Era of Covid-19 Pandemic

Authors: Nitish Shakya and Shristi Sinha, Students, THE ICFAI UNIVERSITY, DEHRADUN, India


Abstract With over 90 countries in the world are under lockdown and nearly 4 billion people staying at home from the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic violence has become an epidemic within a pandemic. In response, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for a global “ceasefire” on domestic violence, lending high-level support to present long-standing demand. Before COVID-19 crisis, domestic violence was already a global exigency. 1/3 women in the world are experience physical or sexual violence in their lifetime and most of the times by intimate partners. The pandemic has worsened conditions that too often causes to domestic violence. Stress, anxiety and other psychological issue caused by stay-in-home rule can leave abusers feeling out of control, triggering violence that’s rooted during a sense of entitlement and power. Measures to control the spread of COVID-19 and to flatten the curve, while important for public health, can create more danger to victims of domestic violence. Social distancing strengthens the isolation that abusers impose. Due to Lockdown, victims can’t approach for help, support and escape. The emergency provisions we pass today will seed plans globally to deal with the increase in gender based violence that crises invariably trigger while strengthening mechanisms to vary the attitudes and policies that have made domestic violence endemic within the lives of so many people throughout the globe. Government organizations all over the world are reports increase in domestic violence, and seeking ways to address it amidst new challenges. Some organizations have also experienced addressing gender violence in the context of armed conflict or other disasters. Others are checking out ways to reply to the global issue. Because the present crisis demands an interconnection approach, rapidly placed across the globe, a coalition of leading international organizations like WHO, FIFA, etc work in collaboration with local organizations globally. Together they’ve examined successful interventions to form key programmatic recommendations for ground level organizations performing on the frontlines of gender inequality and therefore COVID-19 crisis, also as policy recommendations for the international community.

Keywords: Domestic Violence, Covid-19, Safe Home Campaign


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Domestic Violence in the Era of Covid
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