Hong Kong Protests: Rhetoric or a Reality? The Controversy behind the Extradition Treaty

Author: Rekha Anand, Student, Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India


Abstract Despite the formal suspension of the extradition bill that erupted the sixty-six weeks prolonged series of massive and violent protests, millions and lakh of people still pave down the streets of Hong Kong rendering the busiest parts of the territory to an impasse and garnering the largest crowds ever witnessed subsequent to the pro-democracy demonstration in 2014. This June of the year 2020 marks the one year anniversary since the repression gravitating around the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance & Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance, which descended into a massive political crisis in the territory of Kong Hong. The defying act entails Hong Kong, a semiautonomous territory to extradite criminal suspects to Mainland China where the bilateral agreement lacks, including the cities of Macau and Taiwan, giving the government substantial flexibility under the act. This amendment structurally eradicated the fundamentals of extradition treaty to China and bridges the loopholes in the extradition law. The realm of China glorifies the inadequacy of fair trial, the lack of humane imprisonment and the separation of power. The status of Kong Hong is viciously overpowered by China and it’s a war to preserve the freedom and the personal safety of the citizens. The amendment would not only have an adverse effect on the Hong Kong citizens but is also inclusive of the foreigners residing there which ignited the large scale international concern. In this article, the author would be unraveling the gateway drug to the protest, analysis of the Extradition bill 2019, the inimical effect with regard to the territory’s freedom, democracy and rule of law. Further the paper emphasis on the current challenges faced by the city, would mere suspension appease the people? The prospects of Hong Kong and postulating alternative measures besides the extradition bill.

Keywords: Hong Kong, China, extradition, protests, rule of law, Carrie Law.


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