Importance of Forensic Science in Criminal Investigation

Author: Antara Paral, Student, IFIM Law School, Bangalore, India


Abstract Forensic science is that the observation of criminal science which has several techniques in order to study the proof amassed by means of the police in the crime scene to help the police in solving the crime and to spot and prosecute offenders. Forensic science permits identifying the person via his/her DNA profiling or with the aid of medical strategies, the cyber department. Forensic science is one of the main crucial functions performs in nowadays world if you want to exonerate the harmless and help in setting up data on what happened. Fingerprints and footprints are the foremost crucial methods for fixing crimes concerning homicide. Now with the progression of the crook justice device using medical equipment and strategies in crime detection via police officials, identification of alleged criminals/offenders enables in organizing a crucial hyperlink among the judiciary and investigating officers. Further, they respect those bodily shreds of proof that are dependable and confirm the accuracy of the innocence or guilt of the crook/wrongdoer. Forensic science is an area that capable of supporting justice system in crime investigation and alternative serious violations. Their purposes are to deliver steerage to the ones accomplishing a crook investigation with the aid of recognition and restoration of proof at crime scenes and right information upon that they'll consider resolution crook and civil disputes. Heinous crime includes murder, rape, and violation of modesty of a female, accidents, un-recognized bodies, several cases regarding fraud and coercion. In India, the statements and witnesses are used as a supply of shreds of evidence and different folks who are evidenced guilty are punished. Henceforth, forensic technology is that the most critical crime combating device for the enforcement of the law.

Keywords: Criminal Justice; Evidentiary value; Forensic Science and investigation; Heinous crimes; Legal approach


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