Jurisprudence and International Law: Intertwined Concepts

Authors: Indronil Choudhry and Pranali Kadam, Students, Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad, India


ABSTRACT This article analyses foundational jurisprudential ideas with real world implementation and relevance in international law. This paper will question the jurisprudential debates that are concerned as an essential ingredient decision making and adjudication in cases concerning international law. In this paper, judicial and jurisprudential debates are to be reviewed which form a basis of international law to determine is operative value in international politics. The analytical jurisprudence is also discussed in this paper in the light of contemporary international law and jurisprudential development in international law. This paper also discusses how international law can be made more effective with the help of jurisprudence.

Keywords: Jurisprudence, International law, International relations.


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Jurisprudence and International Law
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