Jurisprudence and its Correlation with other Social Sciences

Author: Ananaya Khare, Student, Amity Law School, Amity University, Noida, India


ABSTRACT This paper deals with definition of jurisprudence, its scope, contents and its correlation with other social sciences. Jurisprudence in its simplest meaning is the knowledge of law and its administration. Jurisprudence is inter-linked with many social sciences namely- Ethics, Political science, History, Economics, Psychology and Sociology. This paper would cover the correlation of Jurisprudence with all these social sciences. This paper also emphasizes in understanding the need for these correlations and how this interdependence is important in understanding various aspects of human behaviour. All these social sciences are closely inter-woven as they are dependent on each other for their interpretation and proper understanding.

Keywords: Law, Human social behaviour, Jurisprudence, Ethics, History, Economics, Sociology, Political Science.


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Jurisprudence and its Correlation with o
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