Legal status of Pothole Deaths in India

Author: Nandni, Student, Amity Law School, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India

Abstract This article deals with how the road safety has encountered a significant deal of corruption so to secure the decent safe roads without potholes it is essential to understand and find out about significant arrangements identified with the laws related to this problem in India. The study will assist with dissecting capacity of the present law to the security of human wellbeing it will likewise give a superior comprehension of how it is crafted by the law is to make certain that the procedure of waste administration doesn't meddle with the human safety and wellbeing. The challenges in justice in case of pothole deaths in India like main difficulty in such cases as which is explained in the paper is that there are no laws made for punishing the officials and authorities in charge of maintenance of roads. But at the same time will give a brief on how important it is for the authorities to meet with all the laws and how authorities should be additionally worried about securing the Roads and liabilities they hold. It also gives statistic information on pothole deaths in our country. This paper additionally gives Comparison of claiming damages in UK related to potholes and a point by point investigation about the improvement of that can be made in relation to laws in case of pothole deaths. The paper also has information about important cases related to this topic and suggestion that we think should be considered.

Keywords: Road, safety, potholes, laws and acts, authorities, credibility and deaths.

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