Live-In Relationship: Decrypting the motion through Judicial Pronouncement

Authors: Rohit Raj and Preeti Singh Bhadoria, Students, Lloyd Law College, CCS University, Uttar Pradesh, India



It is being truly said that the sole thing which is constant during this world is change. Indian society has watched an exceptional alter in its living design inside the past few years. People are gradually and slowly opening their minds towards the concept of pre-marital sex and live-in connections. However, this variation has been continuously under criticism and highly discussed per se concepts lack legality and acceptance by society. Unlike marriage, in live-in relationships, couples don't seem to be married to every other but live together under the identical roof that resembles a relationship like marriage. In other words, we can say it is cohabitation. In India, only those relations between a person and a girl are taken into account to be legitimate where marriage has taken place between the two supported existing marriage laws otherwise all other varieties of relationships are deemed to be illegitimate. The reason behind people choosing to own a live-in relationship is to test the compatibility between couples before getting legally married. It also exempts partners from the chaos of family drama and lengthy court procedures just in case the couple decides to break-up. Regardless of the reason, it's very evident that in a very conventional society like ours, where the institution of marriage is taken into account to be "sacred" an increasing number of couples opt to have a live-in relationship, as a perpetual plan, over marriage.


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Live-In Relationship
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