Child Sexual Abuse: Prevention And Protection Under POCSO Act, 2012

Author: Paras Sharma, Student, University Institute of Laws, PURC, Ludhiana, Punjab, India



Children, the epitome of innocence, are adored by all. A man who can’t get a smile on his face looking at their loving faces is no man. However, have a glance of the headlines in a newspaper once and your day will start with the plethora of news of Innocent children being brutally abused or raped. Sexual Abuse against Children is one of the most heinous crimes human brain could ever imagine. We are living in such a horrific era of the human evolution, where man is not even sparing innocent children of his ‘wrath of lust’ and ‘the so-called pleasure’. We are the citizens of a country, where little girls are worshipped as ‘Kanjaks’ Representing the Goddess of power- ‘Durga’, where every child is seen as an incarnation of the almighty. Still, children are taken as the victims of Child Sexual Abuse. It’s hard to imagine the pain and the sufferings of the Children who have unfortunately turned a victim of something which most probably they are not even aware of. Well Sexual Crimes against the children are rising day-by-day. Today, man is not able to control his lustful thoughts and the easiest target for him is of course the children. The child is not even aware of what are those “secret games” which an adult offender is playing with him within the four walls. It cannot be said that no steps have yet been taken to eliminate this social evil. A lot of legislations have been set to work, NGOs are working tirelessly and many other steps have also been taken but the outcome is not satisfactory at all. Still not everyone is aware of all of these. This Work aims to define and explain various forms of Sexual abuse against Children along with the mechanism provided by the POCSO Act, 2012 for the protection of children.

Keywords: child sexual abuse, sexual assault, POCSO, prevention, protection


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Child Sexual Abuse
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