Migrant Workers Challenges during Covid-19 Pandemic

Author: Devina Sinha, Student, Gitam School of Law, GITAM University, Visakhapatnam, India



The cascading and horrifying situation of the migrant workers are no longer hidden from any of us. Time and again the pathetic accidents, suicides and untimely death of the poor wanderers who just travel in search of work from one state to another have become stateless in this pandemic. From striking headlines in television to first page news about the migrant workers, their deaths have made our eyebrows to rise. The horrific deaths which shivered up and down our spine will continue endlessly. Unfortunately their own state people have abandoned them by refusing them to enter their village, their house. Many prominent states where they were working under promoters or industry have left them in misery without providing their basic needs. They were sent back to their own states via trains without even a water bottle or even a packet food. Can we believe people have died out of dehydration in the journey? Are we that irresponsible as a citizen or our country has failed to protect them? Where already every life is at stake during the pandemic, we have treated the migrant workers inhumanly by not even providing a proper quarantine shelter. We say “every human life matters”, but then why our country has failed so miserably in protecting them. People were brought by flights from different country before lockdown and even during lockdown. Then why their voice didn’t reach the respected authority. We say rich or poor our country treats every human being equally. But equality concept failed miserably when each labors have shed their tears in search of food, in the want to see their family and some who would never see their family. This work aims to discuss the various issues faced by the migrant workers amid Covid -19 pandemic.

Keywords: migrant-laborers, Covid-19, migrant worker crisis


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