Rule of Law V/s Rule of Men: An Analysis




The motive of this research paper is to make the reader mindful of the significant fields of law and to particularly distinguish between the two standards: to be specific Rule of Law and Rule of Men. The paper also aims to shed light on A. V. Dicey’s contribution to the Rule of Law that is, the supremacy of law, equality before law and predominance of legal spirit and that everyone has to follow it whereas talking about Rule of Men it can be observed that people take law in their own hands, this research paper also talks about historical cases of Rule of Men. The research paper has a brief analysis of the aforementioned subjects recognizing the loopholes in the Rule of Law that really gives a lead for the uprisings of different reasons backing for the standards attached with Rule of Men ascending to higher heights where there are different instances of vigilantism i.e. cow vigilantism and naxalite vigilantism, fake encounter, counterfeit experiences and so on where the innocent experiences the unexplained and unlawful acts by the tortious beings in light of illegal reasons upholding the roots of Rule of Men and his basic fundamental rights and harmony of the general public is hindered and deprived and consequently leaves a dark spot in the functioning of the Rule of Law. In this manner this research paper would concentrate on making sense of the key issues connected with the society and concocting ideas and recommendations to curb and thus promoting harmony in the normal functioning of the society thereby exhibiting the Rule of Law in its entirety.

Keywords: Rule of law, Rule of Men, Fake Encounters, Vigilantism.


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Rule of Law Vs Rule of Men
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