Skill India, The Apprentice Act- A Modern Facade in Conventional Labour Law

Authors: Nitesh Mahech and Salil Kumar Tripathy, Students, University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGSIPU, Delhi, India



Vocational training programs in India are not only limited to the full-time attention needed kind course but also includes various part-time courses as well which are often provided by Industrial Training Institute (I.T.I.) and State Technical Education. The main objective behind the Skill India Initiative launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 15th July 2015 is to educate and develop skills into people with the expectations to reach the range of over 40 crore people in India in different skill sets by 2022 which also covers various other different initiatives run by the Government for the similar cause. Apprenticeship is both the theoretical and practical training given to amateurs or learners to improve and nurture their skills professionally with technical know-how. Indian legislative and administrative arrangements support training and protect the rights of apprentices in India balancing the Indian apprenticeship system. The Apprentices Act, 1961 ("Apprentices Act") safeguards the rights of an apprentice. However, amidst all good, the picture doesn't seem all rosy. In the unorganised sector, the issues persist of working conditions which remains deplorable since they are mostly unaware of the reforms, hence, are deprived of their rights. Moreover, such apprentices are even more vulnerable to exploitation after the said penal provisions were dropped after the 2014 amendments in The Apprentices Act, 1961 and are in dire need of enforcing such laws regulating the working conditions. In this pretext, Chhattisgarh's proactive initiative to recognise the right to Skill and enact a robust skill policy has helped a lot in bridging the disparity by taking positive steps to empower people to make a change in their lives and live a life of dignity with their efforts.

Keywords: Skill India, The Apprentice Act, Vocational training programs


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