Study on Evidentiary Value of Forensic Science - A Critique

Author: Riya Setia, Student, Bharati Vidyapeeth New Law College, Pune, India


Abstract The fair play system, which is the hope that society maintains its equilibrium and works on the long-term commitment to wisdom in society, is ensured through justice. Justice plays a crucial role in standing up for the innocent and punishing the guilty. The operation does not deny the importance of this work, or seeks to replicate or compete with it, it simply attempts to respect human rights and the rule of law as essential features of a healthy and dignified society in which to live. But since working with the understanding that this process does not come with the blink of an eye, it may take several months, certain circumstantial evidence to prove a certain point and then arrive at a certain logic indicating the criminology necessary for the occurrence of a specific criminal event. Being an unseen fact that forensic science plays great importance in the justice system. Scientific progress plays a crucial role by integrating technology into the field of crime. Particularly using such a practice may prove fairness in the justice process but reluctance of courts or tainted evidence and fraudulent results may be a hindrance in the fluency process. Just as some of the modifications that were introduced were not able to be of great help to this, it is still possible to see the use of ancient, traditional and non-scientific methods in gathering the required evidence. Forensic medicine being a boon to the criminal justice system still needs to work on some loopholes to ensure the privilege of everyone using such scientific technique to get one step closer in the process of obtaining justice. Huge efforts may be involved in various steps such as taking small steps towards justice. This all comes in a chain of events from the commission of the crime to police action, investigation to court action, and finally, leads to verdicts and convictions. With the advances being made in the justice process, a great deal of development in the use of technology is involved in highlighting the true potential of forensic medicine as a means of achieving justice.

Keywords: Commitment, circumstantial, commission, forensic, evidence


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