The Bawling Sighs of Transgender Community Next Door & Overseas:

A Comparative Study of India with Western and European Countries

Authors: Megha Sood and Harinder Birring, Students (LL.M), Lovely Professional University, Phagwara, Punjab, India


ABSTRACT The transgender community is often recognized as the marginalized community which in turn is described as the tendency wherein one section or the group is subjected to the utmost renunciation by the human beings dwelling in the same society. It is the notion of the developing modern scenario, wherein any individual or group of individual if perceived as undesirable to serve any function in the society are placed at the peripheral end of the society, that is are often excluded, which is termed as “marginalized” section of the society. This practice of exclusion is prevalent since the time immemorial. Just after the end of World War-I, Germany was forced to accept the war guilt by the victorious alliance, that is, Great Britain, U.S.A and France. Consequently, Germany was shelved and is therefore made to sign the “dictate.” In a secular country like India, a land belonging to diversified people have also son many instances of discrimination since ages. Dalit’s, the primary marginalized section for whose betterment and upliftment Dr. B.R Ambedkar, the pioneer and Architect of the very foundation of our nation, “The Constitution of India,” had worked till his last breath for the sake of backward and weaker sections of the society. The authors made an endeavour to reflect the instances which are evincing the fact that history reveals itself. Such happenings are the glared matters of the daily headlines. Furthermore, the authors will try to bring out the consensus between the bitter experiences of the people faced in past as well as in the near future. The prime focal point of this paper will be bringing into the limelight some effective legislation to mitigate the sufferings of the marginalized people. Lastly, this paper will reveal the best possible methods to curb the negative effect, spread by some of the traditional thinkers and thereby are still pursuing this evil practice in the modern world.

Keywords: Transgender community, Minorities, Recognition of “others”, European and western countries.


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The Bawling Sighs of Transgender Communi
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