The Dark World of cyber world

Author: Praveen Kumar Ravani, Student, Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, India



The widely used social media brought a revolution not only in India but also all across the world. The tremendous growth of the Internet has given people a platform to express their opinions, thoughts, emotions and feelings through various forms of publications. Nonetheless, the ease of accessibility and publication in this online world has given an open hand to various risks as these digital platforms are prone to be exploited by unethical Internet users in the name of freedom of speech and expression. The growth of the Internet has increased the threat of cyber-crime. Using digital technology, Cyber-criminals get to access personal information and use the internet for harassment and exploitation purposes which include stalking, blackmailing, threatening via emails, photo morphing, cyber pornography etc. This paper highlights the different types of cybercrimes and also tells about the laws made against it in order to provide justice to the victims. It also tells how the criminals make their targets and what tricks they use to get them to fall into their bait. Further, mentioning a few precautionary steps to avoid being victims of these crimes.

Keywords: Cyber Crime, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Laws, The Informational Technology Act 2000.


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The Dark World of cyber world
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