The Golden Path to Forensic Success

A Unique Measure to Identify an Individual’s Gender through Proportion of Hand and Feet.”

Authors: Dr. Prithvi Raj, Institute of Forensic Science, Gandhinagar and Mr. Aman Jitendra Mulchandani, Eklavya School, Ahmedabad, India



We all blessed with a sound mind and healthy body which help us to achieve any desire wants by applying our competency in right direction. But some of them using short cut to earn resources and utilizing all force in destruction by doing wrong and illegal acts. During these days, we always hard news about various acts which are out of legal sphere (ATM loots, Robberies, Murder and Rape etc.) and perform by hiding the face by cloth or any other items and as results it is very difficult to reach that person who was the criminal. The modus operandi has been changed in many direction so we have to develop our knowledge in all direction by inventing news forensic science tools. This research article will help to forensic science to identify that gender by applying the hand and feet proportion.

Key Words: Forensic Science, Hand and Feet Proportion, Gender Identification.


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The Golden Path to Forensic Success
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