The standardization of preschool teachers according to the latest regulations of Vietnam’s law

Author: Nguyễn Mậu Hùng, PhD. University of Sciences, Hue University, Vietnam


Abstract Based on analysis results of different sources of materials and the usage of qualitative and quantitative methods as well as interdisciplinary and specialized approaches, the paper points outs that preschool teacher is usually one of the professional groups most prioritized to invest in Vietnam’s education system. Nevertheless, the implementation of the Education Law 2019 as part of the strategy of comprehensively reforming Vietnam’s current system of education and training have made preschool teachers to face significant challenges in terms of both quantity and quality. Although the total number of preschool teachers ranks second only, this level of education is managing the biggest number of educational institutions and is currently in urgent need of recruiting the biggest quantity of new instructors (45,000 out of a total number of 86,000 new teachers) of Vietnam’s entire national education system in 2019. Simultaneously, approximately 99.16% of Vietnam’s preschool teachers have met the training qualification standards of intermediate level according to the old criteria, but according to the latest provisions of Vietnam’s Education Law of 2019, all preschool teachers in the country must be standardized by at least a pedagogical college degree from 1 July 2020. Although the roadmap to standardize the training qualifications of preschool teachers could be implemented from now to the end of 2030, there are currently nationwide 89,607 ones (26.6%) who have to upgrade their professional standards (40,158 public teachers and 49,449 non-public teachers). While the preschool level has a serious shortage of teachers and the majority of preschool teachers are often exhausted by labor overload, the standardization of training qualifications in current conditions raises many questions of quality. In such a situation, properly recruiting the lacking number of teachers and thoroughly reforming the teacher training mechanism are considered as temporary keys to the question of standardizing Vietnam’s current preschool teachers.

Keywords: Preschool teacher, Regulation, Standardization, Vietnam.


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