Various offences against Women: A Brief Legal Description

Author: G.Soundarya, Student, School of Excellence in Law, Chennai, India


Women have been ill-treated in society for a while and India isn’t any exception. They have been constantly subjected to exploitation, degradation and discrimination. Gender discrimination is something that has been existing since ancient time as a result of which women around the globe constantly suffer violations of their human rights. Only by removing all shapes of discrimination and by acquiring equality between women and men, a fundamental human right is achieved. In today’s world, women are required to be equipped with their share of knowledge in the legal field which protects their interests. Even today women’s freedom from violence has not been secured in any parts of the world, many forms of violence are further prevalent. Acid attack, stalking, rape, sexual harassment is few of the violent crimes that exists even now. Cyber law also known as the Information Technology Act, 2000 was enacted to tackle and solve nearly all forms of cybercrime activity along with punishing the criminals who fall under the purview of cybercrime. It’s considered to be one of the contemporary fields in the administration of justice. Even though this act particularly does not deal with the offences against women unlike IPC and Constitution, there are various activities to which women are put through. According to the National Crime Records Bureau in the year 2018, nearly 10,098 cybercrime cases have been reported among which 7661 was a fraud and 586 was sexual exploitation. The most terrifying thing is that these women victims aren't aware of the fact that they are victims of cybercrime. Our Constitution has made provisions for affirmative movement in favor of women. It prohibits all types of discrimination against women and lays a carpet for securing the equal opportunity to women in all walks of life, including education, employment and participation. Women have received improvement and empowerment mainly due to their efforts and struggle, even though governmental schemes are also there to assist them of their endeavor. This research paper helps us to understand the struggles faced by the women to obtain equal position and rights in society, the responsibility of the government and rights to which women are entitled. The paper also focuses on the contribution of the judiciary in providing reliefs to the women victims, need and importance of human rights and IT act. Finally, to know the prevailing laws that safeguard people from such offences.

Keywords: Discrimination, violence, IT act 2000, cybercrime, National crime record bureau.

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