Publication Policy

Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies works on high-quality matter with maximum transparency and clearest ethic behaviours as possible. For this reason, there is a special series of procedure which is followed:

Open Access Statement

Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies is committed to open access for academic work. All the research articles published in the journal are freely accessible from the date of publication.

If your article is accepted after peer review process then your article will be published under Open Access terms which means that everyone around the world can read and download your article for free.

Electronic Submission

The research articles, book reviews, legislative comments and case comments should be submitted in MS word document format through electronic submission to

Peer-review policy

The journal goes through a double-blind peer-review process, wherein the identity of the author and reviewer is completely unknown to each other.

Every manuscript submitted for publication is read at least by an editor, for an initial review. If the submitted paper adequately follows the Editorial guidelines and is with a minimum quality level, it would be sent to at least two reviewers.  The reviewers won't know the author's identity.

Reviewers' comments to the editors are confidential and based on the reviewers' comments, the Editorial Board makes a final decision on the acceptability of the research articles, and communicates to the authors the decision, along with reports.

Acceptance of only Original and Unpublished Research work

All the submissions of manuscripts should be original and must not be simultaneously published anywhere and which is also not currently submitted for publication elsewhere. Every submission of manuscripts shall be subjected to plagiarism check on the contents of the manuscript.

There is no tolerance policy towards plagiarism above the permitted limit of 15% in the Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies. Manuscripts are checked for plagiarism before, during, and after publication, and if found, they will be rejected immediately.

Publication Ethics

Highest standards of publication ethics mentioned in the code of conduct in the Constitution of the Journal are to be followed. Any breach of the specified code of conduct by the authors or conflict of interest will lead to non-publication of the manuscript. Furthermore, the work should not contain any discriminatory or defamatory or derogatory material.

Copyright policy

The copyright of all the accepted manuscripts shall vest with the Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies. Credits are always given to the authors.

The Publisher has the right to publish the manuscript submitted by the author on its own website or anywhere else. Credits will be given to the author(s).


Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies maintains the highest transparency in the review process of manuscripts. The editorial board shall constantly inform the status of the publication to the author(s) of the submitted manuscript.

Disclaimer policy

The views expressed in the articles, comments and all other manuscripts to the Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies are those of individual authors and not of any member of the Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies.


The contributors by submitting any manuscripts towards Indian Journal of Jurisprudential Studies shall be solely responsible for all claims, suits, and damages etc. based on any claim arising from the infringement of any third party rights or plagiarism or unauthorized use.